Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Next Test

No matter what I try my animation keeps trying to get away from me. It's like I intimidate him or something.

This test is the same technique as the last one, only the paper is moving away and keeping the character in the same place. Half of the animation was traced backwards to complete the loop. I know I'm a dirty cheater.

Twisted Metal

The Birth of the armature. This is a wire Armature that is going to remain naked for most of the film. So I'm trying to keep him looking simple.

Twisting Wire.

Finished body

Setting epoxy in small paper molds.


I need to try to shave down the epoxy and try to get rid of the paper. Besides that he's ready for movement!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Testing, Testing...1...2

So I've been working on a run cycle for the past few weeks. In 2d, I'm definitely less comfortable animating, But after a couple tries I've got something I'm proud of.

I really needed to get a cycle done so I could do this. My first test with the 2d boxboy running in his natural habitat.

In this test, I retraced the run cycle over multiple pieces of paper which are replaced frame by frame. The pieces of paper are moving around a lot right now. for my next test, I need to control the paper more. so the it's movement is a result of boxboy running across it rather than a result of my animating.