Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Animation Reel

Keenan Manely Animation / 3D Generalist reel 2014 from Keenan Manely on Vimeo.
My name is Keenan Manely. I am a traditional animator using modern tools. I've made films and animations as a hobby since middle school. At De Anza College, I focused on perfecting my art. I have learned many things from animators such as Webster Colcord, Dave perry and Marty McNamara.

This past 2 years, using the skills I have accumulated, I have been working on animations for Artiphany, a site that offers higher quality animated e-cards. My job has been to take an artist's 2D images and greeting card concepts and turning them into fully dimensional animations. I have updated my Demo Reel with new work from Artiphany.

Though my animation style is traditional, my formal training with modern tools such as After Effects and Maya, has given me the skills to work between different mediums to attain the absolute best look for any given Project.

I plan to always further my knowledge and expand my tool set in creating animation and visual effects.

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