Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Testing, Testing...1...2

So I've been working on a run cycle for the past few weeks. In 2d, I'm definitely less comfortable animating, But after a couple tries I've got something I'm proud of.

I really needed to get a cycle done so I could do this. My first test with the 2d boxboy running in his natural habitat.

In this test, I retraced the run cycle over multiple pieces of paper which are replaced frame by frame. The pieces of paper are moving around a lot right now. for my next test, I need to control the paper more. so the it's movement is a result of boxboy running across it rather than a result of my animating.


  1. Keenan... that is totally awesome!... I love it.

  2. suwet jesus...that is SUWETT!

    another alternative you can do is that you can put trackers on the paper, and composite them later. of course it'd not be as impressive. but it'd be a lot easier.

  3. Holy Moley Keenan!!! That is sooo friggin amazing!! I totally read the movement of the paper as follow through from boxboy and not an unintended effect from your animaion process.