Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Malibu Keenan

This week Keenan goes to the beach!

So things have gotten underway on the Westlake project since the last post. There have been many sleepless nights. piecing together 3 animated sequences from items in my room. One oh so special item was my printer, who needs liquid refreshment after a week of printing. Scraps of paper and saw dust have made themselves at home about my floor. In fact my whole room has been taken over by equipment. When the time comes for sleep, it's probably easier to stay up and continue working rather than maneuvering myself to my bed without disrupting the set.

I got my caffeine on and wrapped up a bad ass beach scene last night! The better part of the day was spent making the set. As the sun went down, I animated my characters to golden sunset.

This is a video so you can see what makes this set tick. It's pretty self explanatory. And if you can spot my busted Motorola phone you win a high five!

Don't forget the high res pics, ladies love the high res pics.

Why not, I'll throw in a final frame from the animation as well

And since I'm unloading I might as well put the pick-up in reverse and slam on the breaks.

And that's the rest of them!
Oh! business people with their phones and folders!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Property management ain't got nothin' on this

This past week has been a whirlwind of twisting wire, cutting paper and gluing paper, and that was just my trip to Tahoe. But seriously people... The Westlake corporation has given me limited artistic freedom on this brand new project. I give to you "the Perpetuation of Self Employment" a serious animation test about why humans enjoy monotony. This ones for you Jake

In other video related news I strapped on my strap-on rocket pants this morning and finally got off my lazy ass. I uploaded something else that has been sitting on my computer's virtual shelf collecting virtual dust for virtually forever.