Monday, October 24, 2011

Latest Parkour Video

Back on Laborday Weekend we had a crazy 4 days of training, partying and seeing some incredible sights.

check out the video

Spent a lot of time in SF this weekend. Hung out with some buddies on Embarcadero Saturday and went to Kirby cove Sunday and got some beautiful shots. Using a new 7D I'm still getting to know this camera. There is plenty of equipment I could get to make shots better but it's bare bones and raw right now. Wanting to move the camera around more than rely on zooms, I shoot almost everything on a Nikkor 50 1.8

This video is a mix of my 2 hobbies, parkour and video making.

Music by Cornelius. the song is called "Star Fruits Surf Rider", from the Fantasma album.

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